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Wanted by Department of Homeland Security Shirt
100% 5.9oz Spun Polyester Basic T, White, Short Sleeve. Styled and designed to allow for maximum movement and comfort and to wick moisture away from the body with antimicrobial and antistain features.

Available in Adult Sizes; XSmall to 5X Large

The image is applied to the shirt using Heat Sublimation.
This is not screenprinted, where it can be worn, or scraped off. This image is actually embedded into the material through a heat process.

$17.95 plus S & H

On April 15th 2009, the Department of Homeland Security released a "report" claiming that Conservatives were the most dangerous Terroristic threat to the U.S. Government.


By the definition of Obama's D.H.S., The Founding Fathers would be terrorists.

The Shirt reads;
By The Department of Homeland Security
For Holding the Following Beliefs and Opinions:

* Opposes Restrictions on Firearms
* Opposes Lax Immigration Laws
* Opposes Same-Sex Marriage
* Opposes Foreign Entanglements
* Opposes One World Government
* Opposes Threats to U.S. Soveriegnty
* Supports Pro-Life Movement
* Supports Freedom of Speech
* Supports States Rights
* AND is a Veteran of the Military

This Man, and all who hold to the same beliefs, are considered by the Department of Homeland Security to constitute the gravest terroristic threat to the Federal Government.

SO..... Are You TEA'D Off Yet?
I even put a "Tea Bag" in George Washington's hand.

I created this shirt for myself to wear to one of the "Tea Party" events here in Springfield MO.

I went to a "Tea Party" on April 15th and carried a homemade sign, and got tired of carrying the sign.

This time I decided to wear a shirt, so I wouldn't have to carry a sign.

EVERYONE loved the shirt. People were taking pictures of it and asking me where I got it.

Even Gary S. Paxton (writer of the hit song "Monster Mash") loved the shirt. Gary S. Paxton was at the Official Springfield MO Tea Party on Saturday April 18 2009, performing his brand new song, "The Bailout Boogie"  

This shirt is $17.95 plus shipping.

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